Back into the Swim of Things

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I just spent an amazing 9 days in Costa Rica, checking out a volcano, horseback riding (1st time!), lots of hiking, zip lining (thrilling!), river rafting (class 3-4), and chilling out with monkeys on the beach.

The week was so action-packed that I didn’t have time to work out, or even sit down and read. Swimming did not happen. When I was at the beach, the weather was a hot 95 degrees (or 33ºC) with humidity, and the ocean temp must have been close to 90! It wasn’t even refreshing to get in the water. I’m used to the water being much colder in my part of the Pacific. The cool thing was that I felt like with all the moving around that I didn’t really fall out of shape. I got a lot of exercise and felt good and strong most of the trip (until the 95 degree humidity days towards the end!)

Today, I did my first swim workout since my return. Surprisingly, my stroke felt pretty good, although the water felt weird. I lost a little bit of my “feel” for the water, but not really any strength that I could tell. I’m so happy that I took the break that I did from workouts & life. I think it’s so important to get away every once in a while and do something completely different than what you’re used to. Your body and mind will thank you when you return!