Auto-motivate yourself

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The topic of motivation came up in our private The Fit Triathlete Transformation Facebook member group yesterday.

Someone mentioned that she gets upset with herself when she misses a workout, but only when it’s because she’s simply lazy.

Is this something you are doing? Bashing yourself because you are too lazy, kicking your own butt into shape?

On the surface, this may sound helpful. But I can assure you, it is not helpful and is actually hurtful in the long term!

The more you self attack, the further down your self concept goes, and the worse your results are going to be.

And you will end up one of those stressed out, unhappy athletes that lost the ability to have fun…. and nobody likes that!

Being auto-motivated can be accomplished by first getting down to your WHY. Why do you do triathlon? Why do you want that feeling of accomplishment? Why do you want to beat your time?

Keep going down the “why” path as far as you can and you will start getting to your core, and getting out of bed when that alarm clock goes off will become much easier.

You will start to look forward to all your workouts and cut way back on beating yourself up!

Mental health translates into physical health, swimming mastery, and overall life improvement.

I’ll have more ideas on this tomorrow.

Here’s to laughing at the water through the holidays!