Attack swimming with child-like wonder

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Can you think of a time in your life when you were filled with awe, wonder, and infinite possibilities?

Perhaps it was when you were a child, and “life” hadn’t gotten in the way of your dreams and imagination.

Everything seemed magical- the sky, the trees, even the air.

Or it could be when you were a little older.

Maybe you moved out of your home town and felt a new beginning.

Maybe you met someone who knocked your socks off!

Or maybe it was traveling to a brand new place, or taking on a brand new challenge.

(for me I think back to going away to college, and then stepping off the plane in Bali for the first time).

Whatever it is, most of us have experienced that child-like wonder about the world.

And that is an essential component to success at triathlon and swimming.

With the power of child-like wonder, you can take on so much more than you may think. The feeling of “infinite possibilities” (as well as not being jaded ;)), will open up your potential in any endeavor.

And age doesn’t matter. Someone who is 80 can tap into this just as much as someone who’s in their 20s.

Child-like wonder allows you to set aside ego, and renew the curiosity you had when the entire world was new to you. It allows you to not beat yourself up for “not doing better”, and get excited about even the small victories.

This is so necessary when learning or getting better at freestyle. Without it, you may start taking all of this too seriously and miss the point…as well as not enjoy the process.

So HOW can you do this?

Well it takes looking into yourself- a little introspection. Are you fully 100% accepting of where you are, and WHO you are now?

Are you fully connected with WHY you want to master freestyle or triathlon or both?

These two questions are a great start. Whether you are brand new to all of this or a seasoned veteran, asking yourself these questions is a wonderful exercise that not only will improve your own well being, but can help lead you to being more connected with your child self- which is still there for all of us, and still plays a big role in our lives.

Get connected, move forward, and experience the child-like wonder in the process.

This is how you WIN at swimming.

And as always, befriend the water. 🙂