Are you weak and fearful?

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I recently received a testimonial from another happy Tri Swim Success customer:

“Super helpful. I am just a VERY concrete person 🙂 I am loving your drills and workouts. I feel so much stronger and more confident in the water. I had a tri coach for over a year and learned a lot, but I’ve learned more from your site in 4 months about swimming that I ever learned. THANK YOU!!!”

– Kellie Figoten, Azusa, CA

This is where repetition, and I mean repetition of the right drills and strokes, is going to pay off big time.

Nobody is born confident in the water.

Nobody is born a “natural swimmer”.

Nobody can “cheat the system”, but if you end up with the wrong system, or skip steps, you will end up feeling weak and scared when it comes to your open water triathlon swim.

However, with swimming for triathlon, you don’t need “10,000 hours” to master what you need to master.

You just can’t do it in a couple of weekends!

It does take time and dedication. But the results you get from spending this time will be worth it.

You will grow as an athlete, and as a person.

1 drill at a time. 1 stroke at a time.

There is no other way.

And this is the beauty of swimming training, and swim practice. It’s just you and the clock.

There’s no fluff, there’s no blaming other people, and there’s USUALLY no blaming of the weather!

You either took control and put in the time and effort to get to the next level in your swim, or you didn’t.

Kellie above has made it happen in just 4 months! Imagine if you started this 4 months ago. Or even 2 months ago. Or last week!

You’d be ahead of where you are now, and making gains that will carry over throughout the season.

Is it time for you to get over your lack of confidence and build the swimming strength you need to get through an open water swim with energy left over at the end for the rest of the race?

Join us today, we’ll help you get there as fast as possible:

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