Are you satisfied or frustrated with your results?

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Individual sports like triathlon are an interesting thing.

We all want to do our best.

But often, we do our best, and the result is not what we are looking for.

The “result” could be a PR. Or weight loss from all the training. Or simply completion of a race.

Everyone is a little different in what they want from sport.

The big difference is between, being dissatisfied with the status quo of your life and being angry about it, or being dissatisfied and accepting the fulfillment and joy that working towards that goal of change brings you.

This is huge!

In the first scenario, you are spinning wheels, so to speak. You are not starting from where you are, but instead from where you think you should be.

In this scenario, you will experience much more frustration and lack of progress. You will be more likely to quit, and blame something external to why it didn’t work.

But the magic is in the second scenario.

You aren’t satisfied with where you are currently.

You accept this at a deep level. You are not the fastest swimmer. You are not the fittest athlete. You are not in the top 10% of your age group, and your last race was a bit of a disaster.

But you are ready for challenge of improvement. Of change. You are becoming a better athlete, and human, every day with putting one foot in front of the other, or taking one stroke at a time.

You are truly worthy of success, whatever that is to you!

So it’s time to stop the comparisons, the negative self-talk, and the limiting beliefs.

It’s time to take on the journey, celebrate the small victories, let go of your past worries and embrace your current self- wherever you happen to be now.

Accept yourself, befriend the water, and let the frustration with your results melt away.