Are you lying to yourself?

Posted Ella Villas Articles

Swimming is 90% mental.

That’s why we (at Tri Swim Coach) focus a lot on the psychological aspects of getting better at it.

Did you ever stop to consider how much you lie to yourself, and how this might be getting in the way of your progress?

In our The Fit Triathlete Transformation program, we talk about self acceptance- accepting yourself at a deep level so you can move forward towards your goals more quickly and easily.

It’s no different with swimming.

The lies we tell ourselves can literally turn off progress.

“I’m the worst swimmer!”
“Its not fair I didn’t swim when I was younger.”
“I don’t need to improve, everything is just fine with my swim!”
“I just need to swim more laps and I’ll get it.”

Or we do things, like wear fins or pull buoys to go faster in practice- when we know this is just another lie and a cover up of where we’d like to be!

The best way to improve, to get faster, to have a smooth, strong freestyle that will leave you with energy left over after your swim, is to be brutally honest with yourself.

If that is hard for you and you don’t know where to start (trust me, it is difficult for most people!), then start with a written exercise.

Fill in 10 endings for this sentence, without giving it much thought…just whatever comes to mind as fast as you can write:

If I were brutally honest about myself, I would admit…

This can help you access the things that you are being less than honest about, and get you off in the right direction, with swimming or other areas!

Realize that everyone is walking around lying to themselves, so no need to feel guilty or beat yourself up for it. Just accept, and move forward!

And of course, next time you swim…befriend the water!