Martin Boardman

Age Group: 40 – 45
Brooks, Alberta

Why do you do triathlons?
Ever since I watched Simon Whitefield race to Olympic gold in Sydney I have been excited by triathlon. But it was never something, which I thought I would ever do. Then in 2008 I joined a running club. Some of the runners also did triathlon and so I figured I should try it once. I did and I was hooked!

When was your first triathlon?
My first Triathlon was a Sprint triathlon in 2008. It was the Niagara Sprint Triathlon.

Do you have a strong background in any of the 3 events (swim, bike, run)?
I grew up swimming and have always enjoyed running. They are the two areas which I have a reasonable background.

How would you describe the experience of your training with Tri Swim Coach?
The Tri Swim program has helped me to make improvements in my technique. It also keeps every workout fresh and different. Prior to starting the program my training routine in the pool was pretty predictable and did not change much. The changing routines both challenge and have helped me to stay focused during the winter.

Your favorite post-race meal?
After a race I am ready to eat anything!

What races have you done so far?
I have done a number of sprint, super sprint and olympic distance races. I also do a number of 10K and half marathon running races.

What have you learned from your previous races?
Anything can happen in a race. There is no better feeling than crossing the finish line in a race.

What are your short and long-term racing & training goals?
The goal for this year is to do well as an age group participant at the World Championships in Chicago. My goal is a sub 2:25 time. My longer term goals include improving my biking techniques and times.

Have you planned your 2015 triathlon race season?
Most of my races are planned with the culmination being the ITU World Triathlon finals in Chicago.