A simple “trick” to get results

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My quads were burning, but I still had 3 reps left.

The single-leg squats were brand new to my legs, and mentally I wanted to quit.

But I managed to finish all 10 reps.

I recently started working with a personal trainer at my gym.

My strength training routine was getting stale, and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.

Yesterday was my second workout with the trainer. So far, it’s been much more fun, interesting, and rewarding.

I think this particular trainer knows his stuff and knows what I need to do to accomplish my goals.

However, the accountability is what I’m really getting out of this.

I could do a little research online and look up the workouts I need to be doing to get myself in the shape I want.

And all I’d have to do is simply execute those workouts exactly as they are laid out.

And this might work for a day, or a week, or even a little longer.

But the solo effort at some point is going to end up with skipping a little here and there, and justifying it without even thinking:

“I’m good with only 1 set this time…”
“6 reps is good enough…”
“I don’t really need to do that exercise…”

These thoughts might not even be going through your head. But it’s so easy to do this when you have no accountability for a long period of time, and no clear goals, based on reality of where you are now, and where you want to be.

What are you training for? What are your metrics? Is there anyone who can be there just to keep you accountable?

You don’t even need a training buddy, although that can be very helpful. Maybe you just tell your significant other:

“Here’s the swim workout I’m doing tonight. Ask me if I finished it when I see you afterward.”

It’s not to say you’re lazy or prone to skipping out on workouts or cutting corners. But this kind of mild accountability can help you make the positive changes to your workouts, and to your results, that is needed for greatness- whether that means placing in your age group, losing 10 pounds, or just overcoming challenges.

Befriend that water (and those weights!)