A piece of cake

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I stepped into the unknown last night- into a neighbor’s holiday party.

There wasn’t much detail given as to if we were eating dinner, having drinks, dessert, or just some appetizers.

Turns out there was a lot of food.

But it was fairly easy to navigate. I avoided the little sandwiches and puff pastries and went for the deviled eggs, and the olives.

All was good! I thought.

But then more wine was being pushed on me. And dessert. Sara Lee coconut cake. Hmmm…. well it’s the holidays, why not?

Had a slice and it was pretty good.

I don’t think there was any option to turn it down anyway.

Did I feel guilty? No.

Did I feel terrible? No.

Did I feel some side effects today? Yes- a little more lethargic from spiking my blood sugar up with cake and wine.

The key is the mental recovery.

Did you have a party where you overdid it?

Did you go a little too heavy on booze & desert? It’s going to happen. Unless you live in a cave somewhere, away from society!

Recovery means you don’t feel guilty. You instead accept it, and move forward.

Back to health. Back to natural foods, and moving yourself forward in swimming and triathlon.

Your body doesn’t know it’s “the holidays”, but you also don’t need to continue to punish it if you slipped around the holidays.

Accept this season as part of life, with the knowledge that you can get right back to the health bandwagon the very next day.

Just like training- if you have a bad workout where you don’t feel much energy, and you ditch the pool early, it’s no big deal.

You just hit the reset button the next day, and do your best every time.

Happy Holidaze!