8 tips to a better swim

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I was thinking of ways that change can help with triathlon, swimming, and fitness in general.

Lots of people email us and are sad that they are training hard and not getting any faster.

But many of them are just doing the same things every time they get in the water.

Are you currently doing the same routine each day?

Each week? Is your schedule flexible or fixed?

With swimming, do you do the same workouts all the time?

I remember when I left the world of swim teams and coaches, and I could rarely think of interesting or effective sets to do outside of “10x100s” or “5x200s”.

Nothing wrong with those sets but they get old after a while!

Many triathletes and fitness swimmers also get hung up on the # of yards or meters they did.”I did 2200 yards yesterday so I’m going to do 2300 today!”

We like to think quality over quantity.

Changing things up on a regular basis is healthy and great for your swim and triathlon success.

Do you always swim at the same pool?

Maybe it’s time to try a different pool.

Do you always do the same format of workouts? Like, Warm up, drills, main set, cool down? Maybe time to mix in some different types of workouts.

Here’s some ideas on changing it up to maximize motivation & performance:

1. Use fins. Put on your fins when practicing drills. They make things sooo much easier!

2. Use a snorkel. This allows you to focus on your stroke without breathing. Which…is going to be easier for most.

3. Do a kick set with a board. Yes, I’m not a fan of kick boards on a regular basis. But it’s okay to use them “just for fun”.

4. Practice “deck ups” in between your sets next time. Good strength training, and dryland workout to help your freestyle pull.

5. Swim with a friend. Who cares if you’re not the same speed? It gives you more accountability and makes things fun.

6. Bike to the pool. 2 birds, 1 stone.

7. Mix in sprints. You can decrease the distance and increase the intensity once a week or so for a different type of workout.

8. Blow bubble rings after your swim workout. Okay this is more advanced. But it’s a fun way to expand your lung capacity and create disappearing art!

There’s a few ideas to change things up while you improve. Any more ideas on how change can help with your training? Let’s hear them!

Befriend the water!