5 Common Myths and How to Thrive in Triathlon at Any Age With TriDoc Jeff Sankoff – TSC Podcast #140

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In today’s show, Kevin interviews TriDoc Jeff Sankoff. Jeff is an emergency physician and multiple Ironman finisher in Denver, Colorado. He has completed more than 50 70.3 distance races (including 5 world championships) and 6 Ironman distance races (including 1 world championship) since taking up the sport in 2001.

In the interview, Jeff shares how he’s able to still improving despite aging, what led him to triathlon, and how he avoids getting injured. He then discusses the 5 common triathlon myths and how to thrive in the sport regardless of your age.

This is one helpful episode you’ll surely enjoy so make sure to listen!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • On still performing despite aging
  • What led him to triathlon back in 2001
  • How he mentally dealt with not being a good swimmer to doing longer races
  • On not getting injured
  • On the importance of strength training
  • The 5 common myths of triathlon and how to thrive in the sport
    • Recovery aids
    • I don’t need a coach
    • I can get faster by using product X rather than training more
    • I’m past my prime, I can only get slower
    • Quantity of training is more important than quality of training
  • The pneumatic compression garments
  • Hot and cold therapy
  • The infrared sauna
  • His recommendation for beginners
  • The keys to training for any sport: consistency and quality of training


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