Rory Buck

The 3 Swimming Challenges Non-Swimmer Triathletes Encounter – With Coach Rory Buck – TSC Podcast #122

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Today’s special guest is Rory Buck. Rory is a coach and has spent over 14 years identifying the most effective ways of moving through water. He also helps triathletes finish their first race and has coached Ironmen who have competed at world championships. In this episode, we talked about the three swimming challenges non-swimmer triathletes experience.                                           Rory Buck

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Rory’s journey
  • The differences between how adults learn and how kids learn
  • What brought him to Dubai
  • The three swimming challenges non-swimmer triathletes encounter
    • Confidence
      • Positive association with water
      • Befriending the water
    • Breathing
      • Different aspects of breathing
    • Body Awareness
      • Doing a video analysis

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