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Thus far we have challenged you to increase your swim efficiency, improve your core, swim faster, and now boost your endurance. To do this, we are going long! 

Unlike the previous challenges where we had one group doing the same workout, we are going to have two levels: 

500 and 1650 

Choose the distance that you feel meets your goals as an athlete (think about your race lengths) as well as your ability (beginners may want to start with the 500s). Remember it is called a challenge so be honest, but do not underestimate yourself.

Both groups will do:

1. A time trial (TT), which will then determine your paces for the rest of the 21 days

2. Then do 2 workouts each week and one drill set. We only provide the main set which can be tacked on to your regular workout or done by itself. Just be sure that you are warming up properly if this will be your only set.

500 Group:
  Day 1 Day 2
Week 1 300, 200, 100 moderate pace on 20s rest
200, 100, 50 build :25s rest
200 fast 30s rest
100 fast 30s rest
6×100 moderate 20s rest
3×100 TT pace+10s
4×50 TT pace+10s
1×50 Easy
Week 2 2×200 on 20s rest
100 moderate 20s rest
2×300 20s rest
100 moderate
2×400 40s rest
100 moderate
6×50 TT pace, 15s rest
2×150 build, 20s rest
6×75 TT pace, 15s rest
1×300 build
6×50 TT pace, 15s rest
3×100 TT pace+5s, 15s rest
Week 3 6×200 build so first 100 easy, 2nd 100 faster, 3rd should be race pace effort
2×300 hard effort
6×25 build 15s rest
5×100 TT pace+10s, 15s rest
6×25 build 15s rest
5×100 TT pace+5s, 15s rest
6×25 build
2×100 race pace


1600 Group:
  Day 1 Day 2
Week 1 4×150 easy (TT pace+15s per 100), 10s rest
100 relaxed
4×150 moderate (TT pace+5s per 100), 15s rest
100 relaxed
4×150 TT pace (20s rest)
8×100 TTpace+5s
300 easy
4×100 TT pace+5s
300 easy
3×100 TT pace
Week 2 4×250 continuous as 100 Moderate pace, 50 fast, 100 moderate
4×150 50 moderate, 50 fast, 50 moderate
4×100 25 moderate, 50 fast, 25 moderate
4×100 TT pace+5s 20s rest
4×100 TT pace 20s rest
4×100 TTpace-2s 25s rest
6×50 TT pace-5s 25s rest
16×25 build
Week 3 4×500 Descending, meaning that each 500 gets faster. The first one should be calm and relaxed, the 3 one should be at your 1650 pace, and the 4th one should be all out. :40 second rest interval) 8×100 TT pace with :20s rest
8×75 TT pace 20s rest
8×50 TT pace 20s rest
8×25 ALL OUT 30s rest


Drill set:
200 as (25 catch up/25 swim)
100 build
200 as (25 fist/25 swim)
100 build
200 as (25 high elbow catch/25 swim)
100 build
200 as (50 8 kicks/3 strokes/8 kicks, 50 swim)
100 build

These sets are going to push you both mentally and physically.Please be aware that building endurance takes time–much longer than 21 days. However, this challenge will hopefully jump start your training so that you increase not only how far you can go but how fast you can do it.