2 steps forward, 1.9 steps back

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If you think about people that have become great, or even good, at something in life, the amount of adversity and struggle they had to overcome at one point was tremendous.

Nobody’s success was a straight line up to mastery!

Let’s take learning guitar. Many people get inspired to learn how to play guitar after hearing something that sounds amazing to them- like say, a Jimi Hendrix song.

So they sign up for guitar lessons, and tell the instructor “I want to learn to pay All Along The Watchtower”

The instructor says, “Great! Let’s aim for that. We’re going to spend the first month learning cords and by the end of the month, you will learn ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb!”

This is where things can go two ways.

The student commits, “whatever it takes”, and spends the month tediously learning chords and at the end of the month, declares victory as she plays ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb” for her first song ever on guitar!

“All Along The Watchtower” is still the goal, but the student knows she must go through this learning/building/growing stage to get there, and it will take some time.

Or, the student quits right then and there.

“I wanted to learn Jimi Hendrix, not ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb!’ I’m DONE!”

Swimming is no different.

Whether it’s learning freestyle, getting faster, or coming back from an injury (as I am now), acceptance of the work that must be done is crucial to your success.

You may realize you will never swim like Michael Phelps, but you really want to keep up with your lane mate who swims faster than you!

After a few lessons, you are at your “do or die” point. Is this the time to quit and accept “slowness” in the pool, or “never getting it”?

Or is this the time you bring on acceptance, dig deep and see what you’ve got to get past this resistance you feel?

Most people will be in the former camp.

“It’s too hard, forget it”

But rising above this resistance is what counts in life.

I’ve been hitting the resistance lately in the pool, as one day, I feel good, things are moving along nicely…and the next time, my shoulders tighten up and I’m not as good as the last time.

Forward progress has been slow, but it’s still progress!

It’s not 2 steps forward, 1 back. It’s 2 forward and 1.9 back! Keep that in mind as you train. If you can outdo 1.9 and lower that number, you are making big strides towards your goals.

And that’s all we can do.

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