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Have you heard people described this way?

“Tom always gives it 110%!”

It sounds great! What a compliment. This guy doesn’t just go all out, he goes ABOVE all out!

More than the maximum effort.

Maybe he’s sub-human!

While people mean well, this “110%” depitcion of someone’s performance I believe is not only FALSE (literally impossible), it can also lead to some major disappointment as this impossibility to meet expectations becomes reality.

But why not aim for 110%

Besides the fact that it isn’t possible to give more than 100% effort, trying to give more than 100% can lead to burnout, injury, and in some cases quitting.

Things to avoid with training:

-Doing too much
-Not doing enough
-Racing every time you work out
-Being attached to the outcome

Things to aim for with training:

-Understanding that taking steps back is OK
-Creation of mini-habits (showing up vs. “doing more” or “beating your time”)

The above is so important with swimming especially.

When you’re doing drills, if you have the “110%” mentality, you may be seriously slowing your progress!

If you give it “your best today”, you may find more satisfaction and enjoyment with the process.

Befriend the water!