Great Success with the Essential Triathlon Swimming DVD!

I wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much your DVD and other web-based resources have helped me with my swimming.

I’ve been a runner for years and got into triathlon back in 2011. I always struggled with the swim and tried all kinds of methods to improve: lessons, group sessions, and even a personal coach. Nothing seemed to help.

In August I got your DVD and started using it, along with the TriSwimPro web site, to do the drills you showed. My weak spot has always been my kick. I could never seem to get it in sync with my stroke, so I always ended up dragging my legs, kicking just once per stroke, or “scissor-kicking” in a way that created drag. The kicking drills in the DVD helped me get a feel for the kick as I swam on my sides. At first I used short fins to do the drill, and after several weeks I switched to doing them mostly without fins.

Finally yesterday, it all seemed to fall into place. I was able to do a 6-beat kick and keep it in sync with my stroke. All of a sudden, swimming felt effortless, and I could actually feel my kick helping to propel me through the water. I can’t wait to get back into the pool today to reinforce these skills. At this point, I’m confident that kicking will just get easier and easier.

I will definitely be recommending your DVD to friends who are struggling with swimming as I have for so long. Your videos have definitely helped me progress with my swimming, and I’m sure my tri times next summer will prove it!

– Bill Pritchett, Midland, MI (Essential Triathlon Swimming DVD customer)

“I just wanted to let you know that I ordered your Essential Triathlon Swimming DVD about 2 months ago, because I decided to get into the sport of triathlon and it didn’t take long to find out that swimming was my weakest discipline. I’ve watched the DVD over and over, and have been implementing the drills into my workouts. You really can tell the difference once you’re “doing it right”.

Anyway, my first tri was on March 29, and involved a 500M OWS. I entered the “First Timers” swim wave which consisted of 99 males. And I am excited to inform you that I was the 4th guy out of the water! 9min 25sec. Your drills really do work and have helped me develop a strong and efficient stroke. Next, I’m going to order your complete guide so that I can be 1st out of the water! Thank you for the time and effort that you put into making these guides available to all of us.”

– Joe Richardson, Texas City, TX (Essential Triathlon Swimming DVD customer)

“I just wanted to let you know that I could barely swim prior to my decision to do a triathlon. I found your website from a link on and am SO thankful I did! I used all of your videos and the book to help me learn how to swim – and to swim well. The videos and the drills were invaluable. Most importantly, I didn’t drown and I finished the swim portion faster than I ever thought possible. It was AWESOME and I can”t wait to do another one or two this year. Thanks Kevin!”

– Michelle Hallett, Castle Rock, CO (The Complete Guide to Triathlon Swimming ebook customer)

I’ve done it! I actually finished IMAZ! I followed your IM swim plan pretty closely and made it. Actually the swim was the easiet part of the day. I swam a 1:24. It wasn’t the fastest, but hey it wasn’t the slowest either.

Thanks again for getting out the IM swim plan. It definitely, definitely organized my workouts and gave me the swim power I needed to finish.
My bib# was 634 and my splits were 1:24 swim, 6:15 bike, 4:59 run.

I don’t know if I’ll ever do another one of those IM things. It is really tough, tough, tough.

Thanks again. Your workouts were most excellent.

– Rob Moody, Durham, NC (The Complete Guide to Triathlon Swimming ebook customer)

“I just wanted to say that I have been following the emailed workouts for 4 months now and my times have improved big time. For example, I used to basically swim lap after lap after lap and could do a mile in about 29 minutes but now can do it in about 22. My 5×100’s (15 sec recovery) avg about 1:10 and my 5×200’s (30 sec recovery) have come down to 2:40. PLUS, I have lost 18 pounds and my waist has decreased 3 inches…Thank you so much.”

Mike Linden, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Since beginning triathlon 3 yrs ago at age 62, I have fought with learning to swim effortlessly as I had seen those around me do so. It has always been a struggle & only conditioning would get me through long pool swims…then only to panic in the open water events with creative survival strokes to get out exhausted.

I can swim now! It seems effortless now, using your techniques.
This morning, did 400 warm-up, 200 fin side kick each, 200 fin to slice, 50 no-fin side kick each side, finished w/ non-stop 1000 all in 55min; thing is, I could have kept going but had patients to see.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

Dr. John Reddick, Memphis, TN (Essential Triathlon Swimming DVD customer)

“I’m your pretty typical age grouper, bike/run comes “easy” for me and I wanted to do a triathlon but I’m “not a swimmer”. Even after watching your video, I had a lot of anxiety. Swimming more than 25 was a lot of effort! (I still can’t figure out how I can run 26.2 miles but can’t swim very far). I received one of your emails about the drill cards and ordered them. The drill cards have been the single best training tool I have EVER purchased for any sport. 3 weeks ago just starting with the drill cards I struggled to get 500 yards in a workout and more than 25 without have to take a break. I’m now fairly comfortable in the water, my balance is greatly improved, and I’m swimming 100 without taking a break, with breaks between 100s getting shorter and shorter. My yardage this morning: 1300 and could have gone longer except I had to get out to go to work. Next hurdle: open water!”

– Amy P., Virginia Beach, VA

“I appreciate your article on fulfillment. The attached picture describes this beautifully for me. This is from a sprint race I’ve been doing regularly for years. My goal was to break one hour which I had not done in many years. Usually I am beat up and worn out as I cross the finish line but not this time.

This year marks my 28th year of doing triathlons. I love the sport and the numerous benefits it brings to my life. I come from a swimming background and for the last several years I have been a faithful Tri Swim coach devotee. It has helped immensley, particularly the stroke drills. I “age up” this year to 55 and I’m looking for positive things to happen!”

– John Muller, Murphys, CA

“Kevin, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

I had my best – and first real 1.5k freestyle swim – today. I did my 3rd olympic distance in Kitzbuhel/ Austria. I was so nervous before there start, it was almost fear. I even thought about not to start, just to avoid another swim disaster. I started to breath like you said right before the start. I jumped into the water, started to crawl and were waiting for the usual panic… it didn’t appear. My breathing was really fine from the beginning. I actually had fun during the swim. I thought about one of your podcasts: Do you hate swimming/ tolerate or love it. Now I’m at least in the “tolerate” status. It is so much different than to have to do breast stroke over the whole distance. It took 35:57 min, what is fantastic for me. I still was the slowest women (18 in total, so not that much starters) in the water, but I don’t care at all.

Thanks again! And keep on doing what you do, I’m sure so many people need exactly these “little” advices which have a huge impact for oneself and mean so much. “

– Saskia Schweitzer, Germany

“Thanks so much for taking the time to work with me. From your comments and suggestions I have finally figured out what is slowing me down, as well as causing my back problems.”

– Rachel Sears, Richmond, CA (professional triathlete)

“I want to thank you for your coaching! I just wanted to let you know that something really clicked yesterday and I dropped my single arm stroke cycle from an average of 26 to 14 at the 25 yard pool. A nearly 40% improvement literally overnight! I just couldn’t believe the sensation of gliding, rolling, etc! Thank you for helping me enjoy swimming for the rest of my life!”

– Bill Yee, Cupertino, CA (beginner triathlete)

“Thanks to your coaching sessions, I learned how to swim in just several weeks. I was a non-swimmer less than two months ago, and I’m now training to compete in my first Sprint Triathlon. But more importantly, I now feel comfortable and confident in the water and look forward to my drills and laps.”

– Carolyn Colbert, Encinitas CA (beginner triathlete)

“I just came back from the pool after swimming my fastest 1000 meters ever and I was concentrating on form, not trying to go fast! I really enjoyed the lessons and working with you. I never imagined that I could swim so comfortably and feel so relaxed in the water. As I continue improve my ability to glide through the water I find myself looking forward to my swim workouts.”

– Ira Schulman, San Diego, CA (intermediate triathlete)

“I just wanted to say thank for the great tips every time I read this newsletter. I have only just taken up swimming. I am gradually getting better from what I am reading here and also by watching the pros in the pool. I must be doing very well (or look very good) because someone asked me the other day “do I compete” which was fantastic to hear as I have never had a lesson in my life.”

– Kristie McInes, subscriber from Australia

“I love the newsletter email updates. The swim workouts and tips I get are GREAT and extremely helpful. I learn a lot!!! Especially since the swim is my weakest portion of the race. ”

– Kristi Macon, subscriber from Lampasas, TX

“I wanted to thank you for your newsletter. I just completed my first triathlon, the womens danskin in new england. It was fantastic. I have not swam in open water since I was a teenager ( I am 40 now!), and never took formal swimming lessons,(never mind that i am now 60 lbs overweight since last year) I started learning how to swim about 4 mths ago by printing out your lessons and going to the local YMCA to practice. At first I felt discouraged but then I came across your website and started seeing improvements immediately, I can actually breathe properly!! I did my 1/2 mile in 22 minutes which for me was wonderful. I started out in the back and mainly focused on going slow and staying at a steady pace and concentrating on my form. I seem to have a tendency to go too fast then being unable to catch my breath and this did not happen on race day. It was FANTASTIC!!! I cannot thank you enough!”

– Christine Caldwell, subscriber from Pocasset, MA

“Hi, my name is Jeff, I am a tri newbie and just started training for a tri one month ago. I went through the email workouts and bought the ebook and video. I love it and I really see a difference already. I could not freestyle 25 yds. Now I am doing the sprint workout and not feeling frustrated. A BIG THANKS KEVIN!”

– Jeff Martinez, Schuylkill Haven, PA (Platinum Package Customer)

“Hi Kevin, I just wanted to send you a quick note, I purchased your triswimcoach e-book and dvd over the winter, and have really enjoyed it. Last year I attempted my first triathlon which was a local sprint. The 750m was open water in the ocean with cold ~15C water, while I didn’t panic it didn’t go well, I probably swam half in backstroke, total time 17:30 ugh! I finished somewhere around 120 / 200. Over the winter I decided to focus on my swimming, after following your sprint program I won my age group at a local sprint last month! This swim was a 700m pool swim, I finished 1st in my age group with a time of 11:30. Just wanted to say thanks, can’t wait from my next sprint with an open water swim in July and first Olympic in September. Thanks again for putting together a great program, I really love the tri focus and honest feedback about kick sets with the board etc.”

– Mark Petersen, Vancouver, BC, Canada

I just wanted to thank you for helping me to speed up my swims. I’ve been doing triathlons for 2 years and training hard in the pool. I’m a confident swimmer, but I feel that I’m a little slow. For the past year I’ve been trying to improve my speed for 50 metres without any luck. Even when I put more power into my stroke, I still can’t improve on my time of 45 sec.

A few weeks ago I signed up for your swim tips, and last week I decided to implement some of what I’d learned:

  • Clenched Fist Drills
  • Slicing the hand into the water at the goggle line
  • Hip Rotation

The first day I tried all of these things I took 10 seconds off my record – so now I can do a 50m length in 35 seconds!!! I couldn’t believe the improvement – and only on my first go. I honestly thought there was a problem with the clock in the swimming pool!!! My technique still isn’t perfect, so I’m hoping that as I continue the drills I’ll master them and eventually take even more time off my swimming. So thanks to you for giving me this information… it’s great!

– Dave Byrne, UK

“Kevin, Just wanted to take 5 min and tell you thanks 4 your help on BTchat and the basic beginner swim plans. I went from barly being able to swim 25 yards and having an old lady tell me I wasnt getting muuch swimming in to doing my first tri. I finished 15th overall and 2nd in my age group. The best part is I finished 8th overall in the swim. Who would have thought. Thanks for your help!!!”

– Ric “Wyldchyld” Simmons, Minonk, IL

“I’ve been using your critiques and I actually was first out of the water in the Long Beach Triathlon of women in my age division…this is an all time first for that! I’ve always been middle of the pack…I was shocked myself! I actually ended up first place for my age and 12th overall…I was pretty excited. Doing Hermosa Beach this weekend…hope the waves are small. I am from iowa and don’t like big waves!”

– Sue Rigler, Manhattan Beach, CA

“I’m a beginner triathlete and I believe what you have taught me to do are important for my progress in swimming. I will keep this in constant practice and hopeful to get some advantage on my performance in my next race. I’m so grateful of your program and I wish to thank you for all the efforts of helping many rising novice triathletes like me.”

– Junki Flores, West Orange, NJ

IMG_5844Hi Kevin, I had been following your Tri Swim Pro online training. I just did my first Olympic Distance Triathlon last Saturday. I completed it in 3:02:17 and placed third in my age group, 50-54. You have helped me with my swim a lot as i just started to swim last October. I get your emails and watch the training drills on the DVD. Huge help, Thank you! My next race is an Half Ironman Distance triathlon in August, 2016.

– Michael Gaines, Evansville, IN

I’m a 42 year old aspiring age grouper in pretty good shape, and 2 months ago was growing increasingly anxious as my Ironman 70.3 Lake Tahoe loomed in the shrinking distance. I would hit the pool 4 or 5 days a week for the last 6 months and come away with nothing but exhaustion and never be able to swim more that 300 to 400 meters at a time. I can’t even begin to explain how many drill videos and various programs I consumed to no avail. And then I read you intro and first five lessons. One week later I was cranking out 1000 and 1500 meters as easy as walking down the street. A month later I am now doing 2500 and 3000 meter sets and working on getting faster. Your advice and drills allowed for greater position comfort in the water and energy efficiency. I can crank out 2 miles now without my heart rate exceeding 110. What a change. Thank you!

– Alan Fish, Los Angeles, CA