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Endurance Sports Nutrition

A complete solution in one convenient pack

We’ve done the research. We’ve cracked the essential product mix. And we’re bringing you everything you need for your endurance training in the most effective, convenient formats.

Created by professional athletes, tested on the field!

  • Each pack includes a 30-day supply of liquid multivitamin, glutamine tablets, amino acid patches, and concentrated electrolyte spray.
  • Everything you need for an entire month of intense endurance training in one convenient pack.
  • All of our products are GLUTEN-FREE, U.S.-MADE, contain NO GMO, only use ORGANIC ingredients, and are 100% vegetarian.

*Ship within the U.S ONLY.

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Vasa Swim Ergometer


Maximize your power and stamina while improving your technique outside the pool.

Get outstanding results for developing swim-specific power and endurance. The Erg’s adjustable airflow system simulates the resistance experienced while swimming in water. You will build endurance and staying power as never before, and prove it with the Power Meter’s reliable, repeatable metrics.

Try it for yourself for 3 months, risk-free—your improvement will be dramatic.

  • Take your swimming up a notch
  • Increase your power, speed, and stamina
  • Improve your swim technique
  • Measure performance gains