Tri Swim Coach is a resource providing the best and latest information on how to train for a triathlon swim, and go from a struggle to “laughing at the water!” Read on for information about the coaches!

Kevin Koskella – Head Coachkevin-tsc

Kevin was an All-American swimmer in college and coached masters swimmers and triathletes off and on for years in California. At first he was BAFFLED as to why these athletes were not able to swim properly! He then became angry with the status quo, and went on a mission to save swimmers and triathletes from all the misinformation and techniques that….well, basically don’t work that are commonly taught out there.

Kevin’s coaching philosophy differs from the traditional approach to competitive swimming: He believes that the best swimming techniques are different than the traditionally taught styles:

Traditional: The traditional approach and philosophy in swimming has been “no pain, no gain” and “the more, the better,” usually with slower swim timing and results as well as burnout and injuries.

Koskella Triathlete: This progressive approach incorporates using several techniques and drills in workouts, as well utilizing video analysis, allowing swimmers to get more out of their strokes, swim faster, and swim more fluidly, while keeping their heart rates down and their times getting faster. In other words, getting more out of less!

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Kevin coaches sessions for swimming masters and triathletes in the U.S., and conducts a variety of clinics, private lessons, and video-analysis of personal swim style with critique and correction. He has helped professional Ironman triathletes reach their goal, but his passion is to give the new triathlete the confidence to be successful in (and ENJOY) the swim portion of the race.

Kevin is an active contributor to Triathlete Magazine, Inside Triathlon Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine, and popular websites, and Beginner, and, focusing on issues, tips on swimming for beginners, and helping triathletes overcome their swimming challenges and set new PRs.

Kevin has competed in several triathlons and open water swims, but these days focuses on the 1-mile open water swims. “They are fun, I can challenge myself, and let the triathletes have the land sports!”

Christopher Hague – Assistant Coach

chris_hagueMany people say you cannot turn a runner into a swimmer, but Chris Hague is trying to buck that trend. While he has been running since middle school, he only added swimming into his training regimen in high school. After swimming competitively at the collegiate level, he has cut the learning curve in a drastic way.

Chris has competed in triathlons since 2007 and is now a full time triathlete, training and competing for endurance races like half and full distance Ironman. Needless to say, he is a self-described “endurance junkie.”

Outside of training, he is pursuing a career in psychology and public health with the hopes of going into research and private practice.

At Tri Swim Coach, he will be assisting with providing quality content, with the latest cutting edge information on triathlon swimming, as well as helping members get the most out of their swim.

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